Screener Requirements

Compulsory Nomination Committee Screeners:

In the following categories:

  • Best Feature (Category 1)
  • Best Feature-Independent (Category 2)
  • Directing in an Animated Feature Production (Category 18)

DVD screeners must also accompany the submissions.

  • Twenty (20) screeners must be submitted for Best Feature (Category 1)
  • Twenty (20) screeners must be submitted for Best Feature-Independent (Category 2)
  • Five (5) screeners must be submitted for Directing in an Animated Feature Production. (Category 18)

In lieu of physical screeners, password protected online screeners are acceptable.

This represents a prescribed and limited number of screeners intended solely for nomination committee viewing.

Optional “For Your Consideration” Screeners:

“For Your Consideration” screeners for the general membership are not a requirement for any nominated project, though they are highly recommended for features and are allowed for all categories, provided the materials and contents strictly follow the guidelines below.

Mandatory Regulations For All Screeners

ASIFA-Hollywood has instituted a template of best practices regulating “For Your Consideration” screener content and envelopes promoting Annie Awards submissions. The new requirements are very similar to AMPAS regulations; if you are preparing screeners for Academy distribution, the same materials will work for the Annies as well.

Please be certain that your materials conform to the following requirements, as non-compliance with these screener requirements will jeopardize nominations:

    1. Screener disks must contain the entire, unedited project. No “extras” or additional material is allowed.

    2. Screeners must be “play only”; no menu chapters or other descriptions.

    3. If desired, a duplication or distribution warning may be added at the head of the disk and cyclical watermark supers may also be applied. If a watermark is used, verbiage is limited to “Property Of (name of studio or distribution company). Do Not Duplicate.” or similar language.

    4. Screener envelopes may incorporate a basic “for your consideration” listing of the artist(s) who worked on the film. They may include a brief, unembellished synopsis of the film and the film's singular title (logo) treatment.

    5. Screener disks and envelopes may not include photographs, key art or other graphics. Materials may not extol the merits of a film, and cannot contain quotes from reviews or references to other honors or awards that have been received by the film or those involved in its production or distribution. Materials may not mention or link to any website or other media site that promotes the film.

    6. Screener disks and envelopes may include a separate insert with information on screening schedules or notices of upcoming screenings, whether invitation-only or scheduled as part of a regular theatrical release, so long as the notices comply with the above described verbiage and image requisites, and the aforementioned screenings take place prior to January 1, 2018.

    7. If, rather than sending screeners, a password protected internet link is provided for “For Your Consideration” viewing, the same content restrictions will apply.

    8. All above requisites also apply when sending DVD or CD disks in consideration for music awards. Music content must be presented either as a full score or in complete selections (no edits).

    9. ASIFA-Hollywood will, upon request, provide one-time use membership mailing rosters for feature screeners and music samplers sent to the general voting membership.

Screeners Deadlines:

Compulsory Nomination Committee screeners must be received upon the submission materials deadline: 5PM on October 20, 2017.

Properly formatted “For Your Consideration” screeners and music samplers can be sent to the ASIFA-Hollywood professional membership from the “Call for Entries” notice on August 14, 2017 through December 31, 2017.

Screeners or music disks must be delivered and in possession of the general membership by midnight, December 31, 2017. Screeners that are received after the deadline will disqualify the submission.