Nomination Process

Nominating Committees will choose nominees from eligible entries. 

The Board of Directors of ASIFA-Hollywood will appoint all Nominating Committees. For each category, a committee comprised of one chairperson and five animation professionals qualified to judge that category will evaluate all submitted entries. Judges in each category must have specifically worked in the category(ies) for which they will serve. All Judges must have current professional credits.

Each committee must choose from 3 to 5 nominees from the pool of eligible entries. If a Nominating Committee feels there are less than 3 entries worthy of recognition, it will be considered a “suspended committee” and must reconsider its findings with the goal of expanding the nominee selection. If, after due consideration, the committee’s nomination slate remains at less than 3, the ASIFA Board of Directors will decide if the category will remain on the ballot or be suspended for that award cycle. 

A Nominating Committee may, of its own volition, nominate a production, individual or team that was not submitted for award consideration, subject to the approval of the Board of Directors of ASIFA-Hollywood.