Juried Award Category

Ub Iwerks Award

The Ub Iwerks Award may be given to an individual or company for a technical advancement that has made a significant impact on the art or industry of animation.

A jury appointed by the Board of Directors of ASIFA-Hollywood shall select a single nominee to be presented to the Board of Directors.

This nominee may be selected from the pool of submitted recommendations or may be chosen by the jury from outside the recommendation pool.

The Board of Directors of ASIFA-Hollywood, by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote, shall then either ratify the selection made by the jury, choose another recipient, or at its discretion elect not to give this award.

To Submit an Individual or Team/Company For Consideration: A detailed statement describing the technical achievement and how that achievement has made a significant impact on the art or industry of animation.

Include any supplemental material that supports the recommendation such as brochures, letters of recommendation or video, which demonstrates the technical innovation.

Label any video materials as indicated above under Mechanical Requirements for Submissions. Other supplemental material should be similarly labeled. Please include a copy of the recommendation form with the material submitted.

Please send completed submissions to Gretchen Houser, Annie Awards Event Director, 332 Eliot Lane, Long Beach, CA 90814 or e-mail gretchen@houserpr.com.