Eligibility to Vote

Only members of ASIFA-Hollywood in good standing as of December 18, 2017 shall be eligible to participate in the 45th Annual Annie Awards voting.

How to Register to Vote

Voting will be conducted online, by secret ballot. Online balloting shall begin on January 2, 2018 and end at midnight on January 23, 2018. To this end, all ASIFA-Hollywood professional members who have not already done so are required to register online in order to vote. To do so, log in to the ASIFA-Hollywood member portal here: https://members.asifa-hollywood.org

From there, you can register to vote and update your profile to be sure it reflects your current mailing address.

To register, account information must include either a current resume or a brief (150 words or less) description of the member’s professional experience. Optionally, a link to the member’s IMDB page and/or personal website can be submitted in lieu of a resume or description.

Pro members are approved to vote if we can determine from their application that they have rendered specific professional service(s) that, either directly or indirectly has artistically impacted the image and/or sound of a recognizable slate of animated projects.

If a pro-level member is currently in good standing and has previously been approved to vote for the Annie Awards, the member need not re-register. If a voting member’s enrollment has lapsed and then has been re-enrolled, the member’s past voting status will be reactivated.

To register (or check for previous registration), the member must log in to his/her account at the ASIFA-Hollywood membership portal.