Cost of Entry & Sponsorship

Cost Per Submission

The cost to enter is $125 per submission, except for Student Annies, which are $25 per submission.

There are no fees for juried award submissions.

If the submitter's ASIFA Pro membership is not in good standing, membership fees should accompany the submission.

All submission materials and submission fees must be received no later than October 20, 2017 by 5:00PM (Pacific Time). Any late materials and/or fees will be subject to an additional $250.00 for a total of $375 per late fee per submission, no exceptions.

Submission fees are non-refundable.

It is incumbent upon the submitting party to notify Annie Award submissions ( if submission fees will be late. Submissions with unpaid fees remaining at the time of the general ballot release (January 1, 2018) shall be subject to disqualification.


Annie Award sponsors may have all or partial submission fees waived, depending on sponsorship level, as follows:

  1. Platinum and Gold-Level Sponsor: A waiver of all Annie Award submission fees.

  2. Silver-Level Sponsor: A waiver of Annie Award submission fees for a maximum of twenty (20) entries.

  3. Bronze-Level Sponsor: Five (5) Annie Award submission fees waived.

Sponsors must designate studio contacts who will act as submitters for awards covered by their sponsorship.

For further information about Annie Award Sponsorship, please visit or contact Gretchen Houser via email at or call (562) 235-0991