22nd Annie Awards (1995)

Nominees & Winners

Production Categories

1. Best Animated Feature
“Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” Warner Bros. Animation

“The Lion King” Walt Disney Pictures

“The Nightmare Before Christmas” Skellington/Touchstone

2. Best Animated Television Program
“Animaniacs” Warner Bros. Television Animation

“Batman: the Animated Series” Warner Bros. Television Animation

“The Critic” Gracie Films, Film Roman

“The Ren & Stimpy Show” Nickelodeon

“The Simpsons” Fox Television, Gracie Films, Film Roman

3. Best Animated Television Commercial
“Heart Rate” Kurtz & Friends

“Sax Man” Duck Soup Productions

“In The Bag” Will Vinton Studios

“Tango” R/Greenberg

4. Best Animated Home Video Release
“Urotsukidoji; Legend of the Overfiend” Anime 18

“The Lost World” Lumivision

“Mickey Mouse: The Black & White Years, Volume 1” Walt Disney Home Video

“The Return of Jafar” Walt Disney Home Video

“Animated Legend, Winsor McCay” Lumivision

Juried Award Categories

Best Animated CD-Rom
“The Flintstones/Jetsons Timewarp” R/GA Interactive

“The Residents Freak Show” The Cryptic Corporation

“Rebel Assault” Lucas Arts Entertainment Co.

“Sam & Max Hit The Road” Lucas Arts Entertainment Co.

Achievement Categories

7. Best Individual Achievement for Creative Supervision in the Field of Animation
Mark Gustafson, Director, Mr. Resistor

Bob Camp, Creative Director, The Ren & Stimpy Show

Henry Selick, Director, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Bruce Timm, Eric Radomski, Producers, Batman: the Animated Series

David Silverman, Producer, The Simpsons

8. Best Individual Achievement for Artisi5tc Excellence in the Field of Animation
Mark Henn, Supervising Animator, Young Simba, The Lion King

Scott F. Johnston, Artistic Supervisor, computer graphics, The Lion King

Andy Gaskill, Art Director, The Lion King

Deane Taylor, Art Director, The Nightmare Before Christmas

Paul Rudish, Art Director, Super Secret Squirrel

9. Best Individual Achievement for Story Contribution in the Field of Animation
Brenda Chapman, Head of Story, The Lion King

Paul Dini, Writer/Story Editor, Batman: the Animated Series

David Feiss, Story Artist, Flintstones Family Christmas

Gary Graham, Story Artist, Mighty Max

Iwao Takamoto, Story Artist, Hollyrock-A-Bye Baby

10. Best Achievement for Voice Acting
Gregg Berger, Duckman

Mark Hamill, Batman: the Animated Series

Jeremy Irons, The Lion King

Frank Welker, Animaniacs

Billy West, The Ren & Stimpy Show

Juried Award Categories

Winsor McCay Award
Jean Vander Pyl

Ed Benedict

Arthur Davis

Certificate of Merit
Chris Craig

Mike Gribble & Craig "Spike" Decker

Milton Knight

Rita Street

Kathy Richardson

Bryan Mon